Subway (112) FB? Soft Rock

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BdT Subway (112) Uploaded 1mo+15dy ago by Lift

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Lift   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Version - BdT 2 with AndyGupta's latest Bass SEP

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AndyGupta   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Mix sounds pretty good on a quick first listen. Good playing guys. Maarten, I assume this is an early or working mix? Definitely in the right direction. Andy

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Lift   commented 1mo+15dy ago

Hi Andy, we still have to make a fix with the vocals, there's a discrepancy with SEPs but hope to have that figured out soon. Maarten

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VocalRun   commented 1mo+11dy ago

Well, I tried to get my gear set up to record new vox for this tune. Here's the backstory... I have an old HP running Win7 and it has been beyond reluctant so a few weeks back I took off every single music and coding file and backed them all up on my 3rd terabyte. It freed up the space to like new. And the pc runs fine most of the time, now. However, when I've been recording guitar, I'm still having the same probs. The recording proceeds as a flatline and the backing track stops. Starts. Stops...but I figured, 'Naw. It won't happened during vocals.' But it did. So then I unhooked that ugly old pc and got another 112 mix on my laptop. Downloaded the trial of Mixcraft9 and opened up a new project. Then found out the Eleven Rack I'm running through I can hear the music but not the voice. Yes, I'm monitoring. So I switch my phones to the laptop and can hear the voice but not the music. Or something like that and on top of not being able to hear the music...I'm getting major feedback. I know I need to update. I cannot remember if I've tried. Maybe I tried to update the Win7 drivers and it still blows. Idk. I can't even do my Lightroom or Photoshop because the pc won't run it any longer. Is this really an update to Win 10 thing? I'm now going to throw my pc out my studio window.

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Lift   commented 1mo+10dy ago

Hi VocalRun, Sounds like quite a hassle, I'm not familiar with the programs you're using but I don?t expect it to be a W7/W10 thing, but who am I? Wasn?t even aware of the existence of ?Eleven Rack? till you mentioned it, have even less knowledge what could be causing the issues you?re running into. As such I?m not going to be able to be much help. Take all the time you need to see if you can sort things out, this tune has been on ?ice? for some time there?s no rush from my end. As far as I?m concerning you?ve got the vocal ticket, we pick this up when you have the change and equipment that works as needed. Cheers, Maarten

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VocalRun   commented 1mo+10dy ago

Maarten, Thanks for the note. It might be the Eleven Rack itself. I wasn't having issues with my now defunct Focusrite interface (other than it's wasn't a Steinberg...2 of which have broke and now I have 3 I've gone through.) I usually only used the Eleven for guitar but now am forced into using on voice and hence my deduction of it being the rack. I wanted to get it done because time slots to do it around here are less than rare.