Summer Drumsticks Latino

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Summer Drumsticks 2 Uploaded 5mo+3dy ago by antonklinkt

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RickConner   commented 5mo+2dy ago

Awesome mix...I hope to get to work with you again.

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AndreaSpace   commented 5mo+2dy ago

\m/ sounds great


bass4Low   commented 5mo+2dy ago

wow...sounds great!! yeah Rick, same here


StevieSaul   commented 5 months ago


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rthavard   commented 4mo+24dy ago

Just incredible!

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liljoe6string   commented 4mo+24dy ago

very great track! Drums r on fire.. great playing all~ mix is great... only suggestions... the drum tag at the end, why?? And the lead guitar which is great, is maybe a wee bit tooooo wet...

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AndreaSpace   commented 4mo+23dy ago

Thank you! You're right...Lol ... Why?

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antonklinkt   commented 4mo+23dy ago

Yes Andrea, explain yourself. (not in the least because I want to know what drum tag he's on about)

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liljoe6string   commented 4mo+23dy ago

HA! ((:

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AndreaSpace   commented 4mo+22dy ago

cough of bass :D \m/

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antonklinkt   commented 4mo+22dy ago

Yeah, sometimes I need the last word. and...but...also....Joey not hearing the difference between drum and bass is the answer to his! or maybe we just sound alike :D