Short is the Joy Crossover Jazz

Started by TonySawyer, © All Rights Reserved 2018




By Cam S
2yr+7mo ago

Just listened to this and it's so so so good. It's honestly one of the best songs I've heard on Kompoz. I would love to work with you guys on future songs.


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TonySawyer   commented 4mo+17dy ago

Hey, Cam.....I am so very sorry that i didn't ever see this message. I had to take a break because of my work and didn't come to Kompoz much in the past couple years. I hope you are still making music and doing well. I am actually working to finally finish this song now. I am hoping to have a completed version up for all to hear soon if you are interested. And also, I am always up for collaboration. Let me know what you have happening. And thanks for the kind words on my song. Tony