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LYATW Uploaded 2yr+12mo ago by jimmmmyt

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ipft   commented 2yr+5mo ago

Great track. Love the flow and melody and lyrics in this one Jimmy.


maurohm   commented 2mo+28dy ago

Hey Jimmy, how are you my friend?! Do you still have the sep tracks of this song? I really like to produce and finish it.

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jimmmmyt   commented 2mo+26dy ago

Hi Mauro! I will have to check to see what I still have. I obviously need to re-sing the lead vocal. We would need to check with Liam, too, as it's much closed to his heart than mine.


maurohm   commented 2mo+26dy ago

No problem Jimmy! I'll talk with him! Take your time Cheers!

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LiamB   commented 23 days ago

Hi Mauro. Sorry I was meaning to get back to you on this a while ago but didn't get round to it. My wife loves this song very much because it has a special meaning to her. If Jim still has the files you need I would have no problem with you doing a spin off version but would like to keep the old version too if that's ok. Thanks mate