Taking Back Myself Today Classic Rock

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Creative Brief

Update (Sat 12-May-18)

Latest mix has all the instrument adds & vocals.

Sounding good I think. A good team effort here. A solid enough initial chord progression/arpeggios with a lyric idea which took a quantum leap when Bob came up with a cracking melody and almost all the lyrics. Exquisite vocals then topped off by a great rhythm section. Both Andrea and Jon right at the top of their game. The bass, drums and vocals - all top drawer. Guitar is not too shabby - hopefully.

All the seps/stems are up if anyone fancies a stab at engineering this.



Initial comments : 

Another kinda Post-Grunge track.

Just in it's infancy really 

The Song Arrangement is done (hopefully) - may tweak it ... maybe . . . 

Just Guitar & Midi Drums for now.

Initially hoping for melody/lyric ideas. I have a version uploaded with Midi piano playing a possible vocal melody. It's not bad I think - but if anyone has a different melody idea - I'm all ears

I usually don't tend to upload a 'finished' track these days as I seem to get a better response when I upload an idea (like this) rather than a full 'finished' song requiring mainly just replacement vocals.

Feel free to upload drums if any drummers fancy it. (I will upload a drumless version soon)

... same goes for bass tracks .....

...... but bear in mind  a vocalist/songwriter may want to change the arrangement .... and it may also require tweaks for lyrics.....

... so any bass/drum uploads - this may not be the finished arrangement.  

: )


I have some lyric ideas for the chorus (that fit the Chorus melody). Again, if anyone comes up with diferent/better melody/lyrics - I'm all ears :

Possible Chorus : 

5)   I burned my bridges

4)   I tore them down

7)   Standing on my own now with

5)   Disaster all around


5)    Live for tomorrow

4)    Yesterday’s too late

7)    Look into my eyes right now and

5)    Give it to me straight 






Intro/Verse  (0:13)  :

C#m - B - A (No3rd) 


Bridge  (0:40)  :

A - B - C#m  x 3

A - F# 



Chorus   (1:01)  :

C#m  -  A  -  E -  B






Additional Information

Genre Classic Rock Key C#m ? BPM 105.0

Collaboration started March 18, 2018 by Line6Freak
Last upload 1yr+8mo ago

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