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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
- unaHm
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Creative Brief

Hello everyone! The feel for a set of progressions like this has been brewing in my head this week, so I've attempted to create the basis of a song!


The chords are as follows:

Intro : F | F | F | F | F6 | F6 | F9 | F9 ||

Chorus: Fmaj7 Ebmaj7 | Bbmaj7 (x4)

Verse : Fmaj7 | Fmaj7 | Fmaj7 |Fmaj7 | Gmin7 | Gmin7 | Gmin7 | Gmin7 |

           Abmaj7 | Abmaj7 | Abmaj7 | Abmaj7 | Gmin7 | Gmin7 | Gmin7 | Gmin7 ||

Bridge : Dmin7 | Dmin7 | Abmaj7 | Abmaj7 |

             Dmin7 | Dmin7 | Abmaj7 | Abmaj7 Cmin7 :|| (x2)

The form is as follows:


 - 8 bars with no groove

 - 8 bars playing the Chorus

First Verse:

 - 16 bars


 - 8 bars

Second Verse



 - 16 bars

Chorus (quieter, instrumentally)

Chorus (full)

Chorus (quieter, simpler)



Please let me know your ideas. If certain section lengths need to be changed to match vocal ideas or to include solos, please say! I was thinking of a solo section in here somewhere, but I didn't want to distract myself while I was working everything out :-)


I'm going to replace the Bass part, and everything else is a guide track, ready to be replaced by talented musicians. Hopefully this turns into something fun!

Additional Information

Genre Neo-Soul Key F BPM 95.0

Collaboration started March 25, 2018 by unaHm
Last upload 2yr+3mo ago

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Initial Copyright Statement:

Copyright © 2018 by unaHm, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Mar 25, 2018

Copyright Sharing Statement:

unaHm has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Equally with other collaborators
Sound Recording: Based on a split sheet
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