There's still time (Mike Mantecon lyrics) Alternative Folk

Started by Buttercup, © All Rights Reserved 2018

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Theres still time Elvis mix 01 Uploaded 2yr+1mo ago by Buttercup

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Buttercup   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Hi guys, Elvis just sent me this mix! Hope you like it! Please feel free to give your honest feedback! All the best, Christine

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FIGSOUNDS   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Elvis is the Master!!!


kaysirrah   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Totally beautiful!

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NicolaOffidani   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Great job.... beautiful!


bobfox   commented 2yr+1mo ago

This is excellent!

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EdsonCastro   commented 2yr+1mo ago

I'm glad to hear this.

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p-bass-player   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Sounds good. Is this the final mix?