Anima, sai... (Soul, you know ...) Adult Contemporary

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Anima, sai... (Soul, you know ...)

By Jim Lawlor
4yr+2mo ago

This is a great song that I thought I would add some guitar to.  Hopefully it's along the lines you are looking for.  It's just a rough idea at the moment but if is something you like let me know and will tighten it up further.  







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FrancoGinetti   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Jim, thank you for being passed, I really appreciated it!! There are some very interesting things, the sound of the guitar is really good. I would like to hear other ideas, perhaps playing in counterpoint to the voice and not following the notation of the melody. Thanks again! Franco

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Lawman   commented 4yr+2mo ago

Franco, Thanks! Here is my second try but I tightened up the lead. I 'll work on some counterpoint lead for it as well. R/ Jim