Drive Rock

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Drive v2 mix idea Uploaded 1yr+8mo ago by Jem78

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Jem78   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Hello, Here some new files and ideas that need your comment. I record again the rythm track and solo, with more clean sound and Mono Track. Use them as you want in the final mix. I need your comment on Chorus Track. I note your answer about the too happy track and try to work on a special sound less happier Give your feed back on this. I still work on a track on all song with special sound effect. May be take some time to find the good sound or guess what you want. I wonder myself if there is a way to work with you in real time. I can be difficult, but may be we can try with Skype or something else to have you opinion in real time. Have a great day!

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RottGold   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Hi Jem, Sounds good. I think that new chorus part will work. I have put a new mix together and played around with some after effects to try and give all the tracks their own space. Think I am happy with all the parts. I can definitely do a skype call if you there are parts you would like to contiue to work on, but for me I think it is sounding good. Rich