To Be With You Rock & Roll

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To Be With You 96 kHz Mixed and Mastered Mix Asylum 2018 Uploaded 7mo+25dy ago by MixAsylum

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jimmmmyt   commented 7mo+25dy ago

Sounds pretty cool, David, thank you. :-) I still have a lot of work in front of me regarding the guitars and arrangement building. At that point I will decide if it will be on the new album. So please let me keep this on file to revisit when I'm a little more organized. And thank you once again!

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SSD1   commented 7mo+25dy ago

Hi, sounds really good! Good luck with the album Jimmy.

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jimmmmyt   commented 7mo+25dy ago

Thank you Shaun! I figure it's time to be a little more serious and ditch my "fuckarounditis." ;-) I hope you're doing well, my friend. :-)