Let Me Be (Your Soul Glider) (Andy/Heron/Paul/Bob) Rock

Started by AndyGupta, © All Rights Reserved 2018



Creative Brief

Update: Heron on guitar, Paul on drums, Bob on vocals!

Link to flac files for guitarless...which doesn't have vocals on them either.


Link to flac files for drumless mix and a bad guide vocal:


1 Hoping for a real guitar player to replace/enhance the guitar tracks - the only request is for twin guitars to play the repeating guitar figure throughout the song.

2. Vocals - a guide vocal attached for reference, however, the vocalist is free to come up with his/her interpretation/ideas.

3. Drums - The Who meets Boston?

(Let Me Be Your) Soul Glider (112bpm) (c) Andy Gupta 2017

Count-in: Bars 1


(0:02) Bars 2-5 : Synth Entry D C G figure

(0:11) Bars 6-9 : crunch gtr entry

(0:19) Bars 10-19 : lead guitar entry, harmony gtr entry

1st verse:

(0:40) Bar 20-21:    D                 

                  Let me be your soul glider

Bar 22-23:    D                                                    G     D/F#

                  Taking you higher and higher - Riding the

(0:49) Bar 24-27:   Em                             D C G

                  Wind  - Sky diver in

2nd verse:

(0:58) Bar 28-29:    D                 

                  Let me be your search engine

 Bar 30-31:    D                                                       G     D/F#

                  Seeking for the truth within – seeking it

(1:07) Bar 32-35:   Em                             D C G

                  Out  - And taking it in


(1:15) Bar 36-37:   A       

                  C’mon let’s last the distance

Bar 38-39:                                              G     D

                  This is what she said to me

(1:23) Bar 40-41:    A     

If we can be in this together

Bar 42-43:   A                                              C   G

If we can believe in all that we feel


(1:32) Bar 44-47:   D C G figure       

                  Let me be your soul glider

                  Let me be your soul glider

(1:40 - 1:43) Instrumental Breakdown 1: Bar 48-49

3rd verse:

(1:45) Bar 50-51:    D                 

                  Let me be your glass window

Bar 52-53:    D                                                 G     D/F#

                  Showing me ways to go  – setting you

(1:53) Bar 54-57:   Em                             D C G

                  Free  - And letting you in


(2:02) Bar 58-59:   A       

                  C’mon let’s climb the stairway

Bar 60-61:                                              G     D

                  This is what she said to me

Bar 62-63:    A     

Shed all our inhibitions

Bar 64-65   A                                                 C        G

Let’s listen to our hearts and take a step

(2:19) Chorus:

(2:19) Bar 66-69:   D C G figure       

                  Let me be your soul glider

Let me be your soul glider

2:28 - 2: 35 Instrumental Breakdown 2: Bar 70-73

Bridge 1 (Mid8):

(2:36) Bar 74-75:            A                             Asus

                  She took my hand she let me be

Bar 76-77:           A Asus                       

                  Any place we wanted to be

Bar 78-79:   G                           D

                  Yeah she set my soul


Bar 80-81    Free……………………..


(2:53) Bar 82-83:            A                                  Asus

                  She taught me things her eyes did tell

Bar 84-85:         A                                Asus                       

                  Of cooling steams in a shaded dell

Bar 86-87:   G                                   D

                  Yeah Spirits dancing on the edge of the


Bar 88-89    Flame……………She Said


(3:11) Bar 90-91:   G                         D       A

                  Let me be your soul glider

(3:15) Bar 92-93:   G                         D       A

                  Let me be your soul glider

(3:19) Bar 94         G                         D      

                  Let me be your soul

Bar 95-97    E                         G   D    A  E


Chorus: Outro to fade

(3:28) Bar 98-105:  D C G figure       

                  Let me be your soul glider

Let me be your soul glider

Let me be your soul glider

Let me be your soul glider


Additional Information

Genre Rock Key D BPM 112.0

Collaboration started April 26, 2018 by AndyGupta
Last upload 2yr+1mo ago

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Copyright © 2018 by AndyGupta, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Apr 26, 2018

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AndyGupta has declared the following Composition and Sound Recording copyright intentions for this collaboration, when completed:

Composition: Equally with other collaborators
Sound Recording: Equally with other collaborators
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