Turn Enemies Alternative Country

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We can not stay and lead a lie

then choke on tears we both cry

Loves been dead for a while

The fire is out it's cold inside

Yeah we're unlike the butterfly

That spreads its wings and learns to fly

Oh this cocoons smothered in lies

and filling up from the tears we cry


So take another sip of misery

from salty tears and history

Another beer



how lovers in love

turn enemies

Yeah lovers in love

turn enemies



We're both too stubborn to forgive

Things we've done things we've said

We quarrel an fuss, just the 2 of us

simple things, it don't take much

There's no table set for 2

We dine alone n another room

separate beds is where we lie

faces red from tears we've cried


So take another sip of misery

from salty tears and history

mending souls from injuries

setting goals, different destinys

another beer



When lovers in love turn enemies

How lovers in love turn enemies


Oh we were deep in love long ago

We made that vow to have and hold

And boy we did that first year

We held each other close and near

Our love was strong, our dreams were wild

It fizzled out, after a while

Now we've loaded guns, ammoe of choice

waiting for the other to raise their voice


Your side my side



How lovers in love 

turn enemies

Yeah it's


When lovers in

Turn enimies

How lovers in love turn enemies


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Genre Alternative Country Key G major

Collaboration started May 6, 2018 by thejohnnygray
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