Angels in the Snow Alternative

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BEHIND THE BRICK Uploaded 1yr+6mo ago by dwfreak

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dwfreak   commented 1yr+6mo ago

Hi Peter, a version of your song how I hear it. Hope you like. Cheers my friend. Chris ;-)

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peterrand   commented 1yr+6mo ago

Thanks Chris! Nice! Can you send sep please?


Teek   commented 10mo+20dy ago

Hi Peter , I started writing this when I first saw this upload by Chris , only wrote a few lines at a time , kept getting sidetracked , I only have enough for a 3 minute song , unless a verse or two and the chorus are repeated , anyway thought I would post it up , Is this All there is 0:48 (VERSE ) Waking up To a new day Is this all there is Not sure what to say 1:04(VERSE) All i had Has gone away Past is past All gone astray 1:14 (VERSE) I gave it all I had to give I've no more fight Walk towards the light 1:37 (CHORUS ) Is this all there is Close the book End of story Is this all there is I think i'm History 2:10 (VERSE) Angels in the snow Will melt away Wait for things to thaw Does it matter anymore 2:25 (VERSE) Everything happens tomorrow With no yesterdays I'll be left hanging Waiting for my mind to go away

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peterrand   commented 10mo+10dy ago

Thanks Tez! I missed this sorry! Like it!