Car Crash Grunge

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CarCrash OTW test 1 Uploaded 2yr+2mo ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 2yr+2mo ago

Just a couple of quick ideas. Bass, trem guitar chords, lead guitar fills. No obligation, only suggestions. Welcome to Kompoz.


CloudBurstSound   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Thanks for the suggestions and the welcome. I'm really pleased that my song is sparking ideas in others so quickly. There are parts of the trem guitar that I like. Around the chorus especially. Have you got an isolated bass track? I can pick out bits on the overlay track you uploaded and wanted a clearer listen. It sounds promising. Thanks again for the ideas and potential contributions.

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offthewall   commented 2yr+1mo ago

Thanks for the comments. Really busy at home for a couple of days but when I get time I want to re-do the bass and guitar parts to fit with Chris's drums. I'll send seps then for you to carve up any way you like.