Remedy ( Spin Off Just That ) Alternative

  Spin-off   Spun by minime



REMEDY MIX 1b Uploaded 1yr+10mo ago by minime

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minime   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Hello Mike and Jimmy , here now a new Mix with the Volume adjustments on the Backing Vocals ( Only the Main BG ) like requested from Jimmy ! Please give it a listen and let me know if this is how it should be ! Thank you for listening !

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jimmmmyt   commented 1yr+10mo ago

I really like it! Great job, both of you, all the way around. It was a pleasure to be a part of it! :-)

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Wire-and-Wood   commented 1yr+10mo ago

it sounds really good here... most credit to Jimmy on this one. He laid out the entire vocal melody, both lead and backing vocal. I really like the result

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minime   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Thank you Mike !!! I like what you two have do together as a Team ! I like it that you have both come together to create this very fine Vocals ! You both have do very very good work ! Oooooh and " The Guitar Solo " is super cool !!! ;-)

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Hotjams   commented 1yr+9mo ago

Really love this one. Just how good can a song be? This gets close to that limit.

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minime   commented 1yr+9mo ago

Thank you James for your friendly words !