You are gone R&B/Soul

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vox+piano 72bpm Uploaded 2yr+8mo ago by gdzsi

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andreintheflow   commented 2yr+8mo ago

Is there a way to get a lyric page for this to lay a vocal? I would be honored to work on this track. - Andre'


Kharmastar   commented 2yr+8mo ago

i am not sure yet will check if there is any


andreintheflow   commented 2yr+8mo ago

I was wondering if the piano player could add a bridge if I tried to sing a bit of what I've come up with... I've uploaded a scratch vocal. Hope you enjoy it. I'm new to all of this.


gdzsi   commented 2yr+8mo ago

Hi, piano player here :D Sure, I can we can add a bridge. Just make sure you sing the bridge part to a 72bpm click and I know where it's exactly supposed to be :) Or the best solution would be, if you can, slice up the existing piano part and make a version with a hole in it where yousing the bridge to the click and then give me the whole thing.