Hektor - The God of us all Metal

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Hecktor mp3 Uploaded 10mo+18dy ago by dioislife

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JayeshRaikar   commented 10mo+18dy ago

Hey Doug, This is a good one and i like it. Do attempt the entire song The Melody is cool, but do put in some arrogance into the Verses All the best! Thanks Jayesh


dioislife   commented 10mo+17dy ago

I plan on it still trying to figure out pre and chorus, not quite sure how to sing it


JayeshRaikar   commented 10mo+17dy ago

The thing that i had in mind was the Verses delivered (sung or spoken) aggressively and arrogantly (like a speech). The Chorus can be sung, but with the arrogance intact You can consider this while working on the Vocal Melody


Pstruh69   commented 10mo+17dy ago

it is quite GOOD :) so far it is difficult to judge, it need to be set in mix, but great for the first try MAN :) !! I guess somewhere it is out of tune (maybe because that too much CHORUS on VOX)

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tbase2000   commented 10mo+16dy ago

Nobody speaking here, but I think every word needs to bleed. I like the delivery but an octave higher and meaner. Maybe I'm just angry but my 2 cents. :) Great midrange clean vocal might work for chorus.


JayeshRaikar   commented 10mo+16dy ago

Yeah. Agreed


dioislife   commented 10mo+16dy ago

My take on the song, was only an example seeing if I was on right track. Also my take on what you have going on is that it's real Dream Theaterish thus I was trying to go that route altho I am no where near James Laurie lol that's what I'm hearing


JayeshRaikar   commented 10mo+16dy ago

Hey Doug, No issues. Give it your best!

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sriracha   commented 10mo+15dy ago

I actually think this approach is perfect for the tune - I'd vote for continuing in this style. \m/