Just a prayer Contemporary Singer/Songwriter

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Just a Prayer njd3 mix Uploaded 11mo+27dy ago by njd3

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njd3   commented 11mo+27dy ago

here's my take on an edit. i sliced up Philippe's bass a little after the first chorus (forgive me). i tried to devise a way to emphasize Louis' vocals at 2:41. so far, it is beyond my skill..... to me, it sounds very amateur when i try to cut out everything but vocals or vocals with the acoustic guitar. i say that about my attempt.... not the idea

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bassman78fr   commented 11mo+27dy ago

You?re all excused, Nick Very good mix by the way

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BKWilliamson   commented 11mo+27dy ago

YES !!! Awesome job Nick !!! Thanks so much Sir !!

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peterrand   commented 11mo+27dy ago

Thanks Nick! Sounds good - are the tracks you used the ones already on here - or would it be possible to upload new seps if they are different? Thanks!

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njd3   commented 11mo+27dy ago

i didn't use anything new. just carved out a few partial measures from the bass track. i suppose that may constitute something new...... i can upload that i suppose i was thinking it may work in the intro too. to present more of a 'build'