Song of Parting Contemporary Folk

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Though all to ruin fell the world,

and were dissolved and backward hurled

unmade into the old abyss,

yet were its making good, for this.......


I think I need to start by bumping up the vocals on this one. I think I will eventually re-record them. I also do not have to be the one to do the vocals. If anyone else would like to jump in on vocals, go for it! I just love the music on this one, and that's why I decided to do a true "Song of Parting". If you haven't checked out the lyrics, please do so. There have been so many talking about losing loved ones. This song is about a young couple with a young family separated by death. My kids say I write depressing music, so I guess if you're into that type of thing.....:)

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Genre Contemporary Folk Key Am BPM 125.0

Collaboration started June 19, 2018 by ShannonB
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kaysirrah Kimberley Harris
Dayton Ohio USA
Richo Riccardo Della Pelle
Rome Ita Italy
dazzos Darren Houghton
London United Kingdom
ShannonB Shannon Bannister
Rio Rancho New Mexico USA
kman Andreas Thiele
Harburg Hamburg Germany
bassist Brad Landry
Union Pier Michigan USA