Kompoz-A-Thon: Challenge 1.0 - Memories Adult Contemporary

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K town a thon OTW version memories female AUDITION v1 0 Uploaded 2yr+8mo ago by KimNobleMusic

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2yr+8mo ago

Hi Dear--hahahaa, PLEASE don't kill me but I did a TOTAL RE-SING based on the updated version you put up. I DID do a smidge of bits differently but mostly tried to stay the same. It's just hearing the complete music made me want to re-sing the whole thing!! I simplified the vocals... and hope that it fits the mood a bit more!! :) I'll upload seps and if you wanna use it--GREAT and if not--PLEASE PLEASE feel free to just toss!! :) I know it's TONS OF work so NO PROBLEM at all if you'd rather just stick with the original which is very LOVELY!! HUGS and THANK YOUUU!! :)

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offthewall   commented 2yr+8mo ago

Excellent. Will get this remixed when time allows. Thank you.

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FidlerSongs   commented 2yr+8mo ago

Wonderful job Kim!! Your vocals and lyrics are just beautiful!!:):)

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2yr+8mo ago

You Sweetheart--thank you Doll!! :) As you know more than me, James is acoustic MAGIC!! :) HUGS! :)