Time Changes (working title) - with lyric suggestion by Jodeen Clantz Pop

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Time Changes Who you lookin at Those stars in your eyes You should be knowin I ain't havin any of that No more games I don't wanna play Ring around the Rosie Ashes to ashes And all that crap Infantile minds Ain't my kind Playing with Tonka toys And Monster trucks What a waste Of my life Time changes everything Hard realities Bitter truths Pleasseeeee No long drawn out goodbye Cause, I can be Who I want to be Times changes Everything And so have we Shamefully shady Dumbass, Caught in the act Shackled and cuffed You cry foul Sack up You put yourself there And, I don't Really care Sooooo Suck it up Cause no way in hell Will I ever bail you out So go on and enjoy that Room Without a view Because you deserved it More than just a time or two Lyrics By: Jodeen Clantz 07/2018

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Jodeenshead   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Me again, just love your stuff! Use or don't use, it's all good...Regards, Jodeen