Into Another Day Singer/Songwriter

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Into Another Day Better Bridge 7 16 18 4 19 PM Uploaded 1yr+8mo ago by FidlerSongs

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FidlerSongs   commented 1yr+8mo ago

I hope you will like this BRIDGE a little better at 4:06, little changes, addition of ahhhhhhs at 4:27, added another main vocal track throughout for the heck of it. I will redo all the seps to fit the structure you decide on. Instrumental could be from 3:12 to 3:44 and vocals removed since track is fairly long. (only if you think so that is:))

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xvpusw   commented 1yr+7mo ago

Ooo I missed this. You give me the happy shivers Ma'am :-)

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FidlerSongs   commented 1yr+7mo ago

You are very sweet Tracy, the vocal structure is not right and the I think track , though lovely, is way too long for sure! Didn?t get to add your other verse since I?m out of town, looking at houses:)

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stoman   commented 1yr+7mo ago

Good luck, Susan! :)

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FidlerSongs   commented 1yr+7mo ago

Thank you so much! I need it!!!


JeanToudou   commented 1yr+7mo ago

Who is that pretty hat girl? Nice hat! Pretty girl! hahaahaa!

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FidlerSongs   commented 1yr+7mo ago

Thanks Jean, my mother recently gave me this cowgirl hat, I love it!:):)