This time (I thought I would write you a love song) Classic Rock

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Kompozers draft 1 This Time 8 29 19 Uploaded 11mo+19dy ago by MikeLucas

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MikeLucas   commented 11mo+19dy ago

Sounds great, Paul! I made some adjustments to go along with where you put in some of the cymbal grabs. See what you think.

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AndyGupta   commented 11mo+18dy ago

Hi guys, Sounding great :). Paul- great drumming, you've breathed new life into this. Mike - I like the edits for the clean stops in between. Guys - Is the bass track tight enough, is the recorded sound good? DId you want me to retrack. In which case, a bassless mix with the new arrangement would be great. Thanks and rock on Andy

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PaulsPercussion   commented 11mo+18dy ago

Thanks, guys! Sounds great, Mike! Definitely much better with the e-cymbal bell lower in the mix. I was a little unsure of this one, but it seems to work fine. The cymbal chokes are just what I felt the first time through the song. I don't know if you guys saw my note, but the first and second verses are different beats. We can use one or the other or use the different rhythms (like this is). I think either way works. Andy - I really like the bass on this. I didn't notice any spots that needed quantizing (or anything else). I don't think you need to re-track.

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MikeLucas   commented 11mo+18dy ago

I like the bass on this Andy! Good call on the cymbal chokes, Paul! I still need to tighten this mix up some more so stay tuned!

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AndyGupta   commented 11mo+18dy ago

Thanks guys, glad you like the bass! Look forward to the tweaks towards getting it CD ready :) Andy