Falling Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Started by ironhide1975, © All Rights Reserved 2018



Creative Brief

Intro 1

D - A - Gdim - A


Intro 2

Bm - D - C - A


intro 3

C - G - C - G


Intro 4

F - E - F - E


Intro 5

A5 - G5 - Gb5 - E5


Intro 6

Bm - A - F - G




Part A

G - Em - Em


Part B

C - E -Eb

G - F- E


Part C

G - F  


Part D - 2:00 minutes into the song after the flute

G - F - G# - G


I can feel my own body, it’s falling

Time has no meaning and is still

A memory, a recollecton.

Life separates from conscious and will…


Part E - 2:22 mins

F# - A# - C - A x 2


Mother have you seen that boy?

The one you lost so long ago?

I’m crying out, can you hear my voice?

My story is long and yet to be told.


Leave me alone to die in this pain

A young man’s life that is left insane

It’s just a memory of life before

An action that left nothing to ignore


Part F - 3:06 mins

Dm - D

Em -Ebm



i don’t want to be like this…

Please can you help me so…

I can find my way back 

 I know….

I know....

Additional Information

Genre Prog-Rock/Art Rock BPM 100.0

Collaboration started July 16, 2018 by ironhide1975
Last upload 1 year ago

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Copyright © 2018 by ironhide1975, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Jul 16, 2018

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