A Sudden Storm American Trad Rock

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A Sudden Storm Uploaded 7yr+2mo ago by Fretbuzz

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Fretbuzz   commented 7yr+2mo ago

Hey Paul, I cant believe this fantastic song is just sitting here without vocal. I put this down during my lunch our so there is some room for improvement for sure. Let me know if you like this idea. Keep writin` my man! Cheers!


Fretbuzz   commented 7yr+2mo ago

Dead by the morning But her fire burns the chill in my bones Awake without warning Her lips blow the candle as if only a whisper of hope With a bottle lay down Just a body and shadow on stone Cause the earth and the moon in her eyes is calling me to the unknown Stay tonight and live to embrace the horizon I wade through this dream but she came to me Like a sudden storm So carry me home The chains I have broke and unbound There`s the saint in the chapel, I rise to my feet I brace for night and let finally sleep Chorus

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CowgirlDeb64   commented 7yr+2mo ago

Wow, Paul! Very nice vocal on this track. Love the country rock mix.


DeadZephyr   commented 7yr+2mo ago

Martin, brilliant lyrics mate and excellent vocal again. Acoustics and open tuning are made for each other, don't you think.

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ectoplasm88   commented 7yr+2mo ago

Wow... I don't just like the vocals I love them! I have 3 more tracks that are in this same state of drums+scratch guitar. This is inspiring me to get them posted! Thank you so much for contributing to this project!