Electric Petrol Pop

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Amour Toujours - 2019-06-29 Uploaded 7mo+28dy ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 7mo+29dy ago

Hey, guys! This is all I have time for. I hope it suits your needs.


Teathetrumpoet   commented 7mo+28dy ago

Hey Steffen Stoman strikes again I love the idea Steffen, please upload the track without the vocals so Rose can Deliver the feeling again. beautiful idea...

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Roselyne   commented 7mo+28dy ago

Hi Steffen! Sorry but the vocals are out of sync like in the first mix. Not sure how that happened. What do I need to do? :-)

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stoman   commented 7mo+25dy ago

Hi, Roselyne. I'll post a voxless version of the mix, as requested by Thiago. Please make sure you align the track correctly, and include the click at the beginning. I can't hear any problems with the current vocal alignment though. What's wrong with it? It sounds the same as in Nicola's demo mix.

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NicolaOffidani   commented 7mo+25dy ago