Te busque - I have been looking Pop/Rock

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TE BUSQUE Uploaded 1yr+8mo ago by Arcano

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aliceminguez   commented 1yr+8mo ago

I never get tired of this song :)


Arcano   commented 1yr+8mo ago

Alice !! I am glad to hear from you. Finally I returned to Chile, now I can dedicate myself to work a little more on this project, I still need more musicians who want to collaborate. For now, you and Nicola have done a great job. :)


aliceminguez   commented 9mo+12dy ago

Hey, do you remember what kind of reverb you used on my voice here? I love it :D


Arcano   commented 9mo+9dy ago

Hi Alice, good to hear from you. I tell you that I am traveling through Bolivia, and I have all the material in Santiago, Chile, in a month I will be back and I will be able to pass you the chain of effects that I used. A big regards !!


aliceminguez   commented 9mo+8dy ago

Awesome, thank you! And happy travels! XD


Arcano   commented 8mo+17dy ago

Hola Alice, te comento que al fin retorne a Chile y pude ver la cadena de efectos que utilicé para la mezcla de tu linda voz, entre los plugins que utilice están los siguientes: 1) Vocal Rider Live Mono 2) Fab Filter Pro-Q3 (Ecualizador) 3) CLA 2A Mono 4) CLA 76 Mono 5) Fruity Reeverb 2 6) Fruity Delay 2 Espero que te sean de utilidad, cualquier cosa que necesites por favor no repares en pedírmelo. Un gran beso y muchos saludos !! Hector