Under Duress ( I wear dur underwear) Adult Alternative

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OK..So, YOU come up with picture to represent a title like this. :) In the meantime , this pic will hopefully get you attention..Speaking of which, I will open a discussion where you can drop YOUR suggestions about an appropriate pic?please keep them civil. :) Looking for acoustic drums most assuredly, horns , possibly vox, and of course thereof?lyrics. I don?t hear a lot of space for vox, accept maybe over the verse sections. This song is missing SOMETHING?lol?probably a lot of things, but something to really tie it together?to bridge the sections together like a fine quilt?Thus the ?Anything and Everything? tag?.all ideas will be respected. As usual, timing map will also be in discussions, for all you keen timing freaks?I keep telling you?timing is merely a conceptual constraint invented by a flawed species.?.you just have to feel it man. :) P.S. Sorry all about the annoying drum track!

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Genre Adult Alternative BPM 91.0 allman bros chicago palladino zappa

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