My Addiction Indie Rock

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Creative Brief

A song of mine that's been around for a while. The vocals/vocalist has eluded me for some time.

Putting it back out there to see if it gains any traction . . . . . 


Has my dodgy guide vocals/melody - but I think the structure/lyrics/melody is not half bad - just needs decent vocals I think . . . .

I'm open to vocalists trying something new - but I would rather they have a go at the current melody etc - and if they want maybe their own version . . .


😎 🎸 🎧


85 BPM


 Emsus2    :  G          : Asus2 - Cadd9  - Cadd9-B Bass


E-B-F#-G   :  G-B-F#  : A-E-B  :  C-E-G :  B-D-G


My Addiction   🎵 🎶


I got the angel and the devil on my shoulders

They're yelling at me crazy giving orders

This is my affliction

This is my addiction



Now that you have gone

Memories linger on

Poison takes its bite

Will I fail tonight?

Defences start to slip

Got me in its grip

Fact turned fiction

It’s my addiction


This is my affliction

This is my addiction  



All I think is you, all waking hours

You’ve some kind of magic, alluring powers

You’re my affliction

You’re my addiction—-


Now that we are torn

My heart lingers on

Losing grip on life

What is real and right?


Can’t put music on

You’re in every song!

My prediction

You’re my addiction



Additional Information

Genre Indie Rock Key ?Em? BPM 85.0

Collaboration started August 10, 2018 by Line6Freak
Last upload 2yr+6mo ago

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Copyright © 2018 by Line6Freak, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Aug 10, 2018

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liljoe6string Joey six
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