La Bella e la Ricerca della Felicita (formerly known as Out In The Country) Pop/Rock

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La Bella e la Ricerca della FelicitÓ - 2019-08-08 Uploaded 11mo+7dy ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 11mo+9dy ago

No time for mixing/fixing/cleaning/aligning. Just a quick progress mix with Francesco's vocals. Guess we'll need a new project picture, too. :)

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dwfreak   commented 11mo+9dy ago

Hi Stef, see if that pic works, all about hapiness right... Cheers. Chris.


Resiliente   commented 11mo+8dy ago

The mix is good Steffen ;-D especially the chorus!! The only thing is that you use the "back voice 1" file as lead voice. If you want to put only one voice in the verses (wich is a great idea it create a good atmosphere) can you put the "lead voice" file as lead voice please? Because in the "back voice 1" file I didn't sing perfectly tuned because it was only a back voice and I don't like how it sounds alone. I'm gonna send you the file without cuts in 30 minutes. Cheers , Francesco