La Bella e la Ricerca della Felicita (formerly known as Out In The Country) Pop/Rock

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La Bella e la Ricerca della FelicitÓ - 2019-08-08 Uploaded 5mo+18dy ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 5mo+18dy ago

In the previous version of this mix I accidently routed the backup vocal for the verses to my monitor track instead of the sum bus, so it was not included in the exported mix. I also shifted some parts of the vocals a couple of milliseconds. Otherwise this is the same mix, i.e. it still has the original vocals with the cut-off parts. Francesco, I'll drop in the respective parts from the fixed vocal tracks that you sent me yesterday and update the mix, hopefully later today. I'm wondering if we should make room for a little solo instead of having the vocals run through the whole song. What do you guys think?


Resiliente   commented 5mo+18dy ago

ook,I think the solo is a good idea!

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dwfreak   commented 5mo+18dy ago

Think so too ;-) Cheers. Chris.