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By Shannon Bannister
1yr+5mo ago

US throws millions of unborn babies away very year.

That's in addition to the children that we sacrifice to our idols of money, entertainment, selfishness.

It doesn't take a tank or a foreign entity to throw out children away. Just a bunch of people who don't deserve their kids.

Like I said, deep.

Thanks for reminding me that I need to pray for my kids more. Not just my kids, but everyone else's, impossible though that might seem. Like the children of Israel.

Thanks for making me think......again! Just a title, but so much more!


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peterrand   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Thanks - I had more in mind the profligacy of the western world - especially the current US administration- , throwing away the future (hence children) by its appalling actions in seemingly whatever it does... However I also see that children around the world are suffering, including (for example) the Rohingya children in massacres and the many Palestinian children shot by the Israeli army - to name but two. Charity isn't the only thing that "begins at home". So does guilt.

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ShannonB   commented 1yr+5mo ago

It's so hard to keep up with the world. But yeah, if we could start at home, what a difference that would make!! We recently had to get rid of our Netflix because it was consuming us. As our kids get older, they disappear into their rooms for more hours. We really do have to work to connect.


LooknGlass   commented 1yr+5mo ago

I came with it from the angle of war, with my lyric, with Syria as my inspiration somewhat.....Yours is a whole other angle Shannon which could be touched on, without a doubt. Yours as well Peter, I wasn't aware of that angle or I would have tried it......I have 4 grown children and 13 grandchildren, and I worry about them constantly with the way the worlds getting.


Markmm   commented 1yr+5mo ago

Looks like everyone had a different angle on this, my lyric was written after watching a documentary about a young girl that was murdered in america and wondering how somebody goes from being an innocent child to being a murderer. Often I think a lot of the blame lies with the parents, the abuse the little boy went through led to two children?s lives being ?thrown away?. Hopefully we can find people to do both lyrics 👍

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JenCarie   commented 1yr+3mo ago

I added a pdf of some lyrics. Did you get it? I'm new here so not sure what confirmation we get when we upload to a collaboration. Thanks! Jen

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ShannonB   commented 1yr+3mo ago

It is not showing up with the other files.

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JenCarie   commented 1yr+3mo ago

I think it did now. :)