Throw our children away Singer/Songwriter

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Lyric Arrangement Idea Uploaded 1yr+3mo ago by JenCarie

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JenCarie   commented 1yr+3mo ago

This song is badd@ss! I just wanted to throw out an arrangement idea in case my lyrics were chosen. I can see this savior on a motorcycle going after the driver in these sex trafficking situations.

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peterrand   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Thanks Jennifer! Might be worth making this into a separate song "Renegade" - what do you think? Then it would be a case of getting a (male) vocalist in? Would also need mixing so that the elements fit in around the vocals.

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JenCarie   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Yeah definitely. I don't "love" the lyrics. They could use some work but the theme of Renegade to that music is pretty cool.. I've been keeping my eye out for male vocalist... haha. But yeah, whenever down the road. Keep me posted. Thanks man...