The World Outside The Window (beautiful piano by Yvan and equally stunning vocal from Buttercup ) J-Pop

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The world outside the window Emily audition 18102018 Uploaded 26 days ago by sweetie

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sweetie   commented 26 days ago

hello, my name is Emily. I am 10 years old. I love your lyrics and the piano is beautiful. I hope you like my version.


Markmm   commented 26 days ago

Hi Emily, what a stunning vocal that was. I got goosebumps listening to it. I can?t believe you?re only 10 years old. Looking forward to hearing you sing on lots of great songs here on Kompoz. Keep up the good work Mark

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sriracha   commented 26 days ago

that is a quality performance. kudos and welcome!

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offthewall   commented 26 days ago


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BrotherRat   commented 26 days ago

First .. I absolutely LOVE your rabbit face!! And lastly .. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!!!! WELCOME and please, sweet Emily .. may we hear .. MORE!!!! because there is a fantastic future calling you!!! you are going to surpass .. your tutor. I really don't know which version I like best!!! it is like listening to Christine in a time warp! You nailed it sweetheart.

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DocDaFunk   commented 26 days ago

Amazing Pro stuff

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Hotjams   commented 21 days ago

Wow, I thought this was Christine. Very similar voice and vocal style but you have more edge in your voice. I dare say I might like your voice better. Did I just say that?

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Buttercup   commented 20 days ago

Yes, you did just say that! LOL! I prefer not to compare, but if I did, I would say I like her voice way more than my own too! She means the world to me & I am very proud of her! Xx

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Hotjams   commented 21 days ago

Great song here, love the lyrics, melody, piano, vocals, it's all good.


Yvan   commented 20 days ago

thank you very much I am very excited to hear this version I loved it

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RGBass   commented 1 day ago

Pure soul! Amazing performance Emily