Written in the Stone (Reprise) Soft Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by Pokermask

This collaboration is finished, and not accepting any further uploads.


Written2 Uploaded 1yr+1mo ago by MarkAlanDooley

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RealAl   commented 1yr+1mo ago

This Is VERY GOOD, Mark... You touched a nerve...No, actually you touched quite a few... I think you NAILED IT... Let's see what Pokermask thinks. But for me, It's Ready for the WORLD... WELL DONE...

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Pokermask   commented 1yr+1mo ago

This is fantastic! Absolutely loved it! Will be getting to the final mix right now to make this track ready for the world. Cheers! :)

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MarkAlanDooley   commented 1yr+1mo ago

Thanks guys glad it worked out!