This Path I Follow Contemporary Folk

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This Path I Follow Vocal Idea Uploaded 7yr+8mo ago by DeMeriden

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dazzos   commented 7yr+8mo ago

Outstanding my friend!!! Harmonies are just amazing. I know you're really busy, so just wasn't expecting you come on over, but what a surprise. If you could manage to up some seps, that would be great.


DeMeriden   commented 7yr+8mo ago

I should call myself "Warts And All" (Hey - good name for a band!). One take and minimum processing. Seps soon.

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Harpline   commented 7yr+8mo ago



leesharp   commented 7yr+8mo ago

Superb both. Would make a great film / drama track.

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Netherwood   commented 7yr+8mo ago

Nice one chaps, lovely guitar, Ray, I never know it is you until I check out the singer as you always sound great but different!

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EdSilva   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Bravo! Amazing well put together. You guys have a thing going here.

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EdSilva   commented 3yr+1mo ago

Heck! I thought it was Fresh singing. Ray-Ray through me a curve ball. It almost got me fooled. I have seen Ray tackle so many different styles, but this one I never heard. I love it man! Great job!!!!