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Creative Brief

Jodeenshead, (Lyrics) and Burntwill(music) are the originators of this fantastic project. Yannik and Nicola added their excellent contributions to the original to create a brilliant interpretation.

This spinoff is the result of an alternative idea and it is with Jodeen and Burntwill's generosity that we are able to present it to you all.

Hope you enjoy it:)

Jodeen wrote:

If you find one of the words offensive in this lyric, look it up in the dictionary before judgement...


A Welfare Payday


Pray to the Gods 

as you weep

From the company 

you keep

You can only pray 

in vain everyday

Cause, you've become 

the keepers slave


You grovel 

at the feet 

Of all those 

Pretty, pretty faces

Seeking and searching 

For a bent sense 

Of salvation


You nod your head 

In ascent

When they speak 

Their rhetoric

Without trepidation 

You follow them

With a twisted devotion


Can't you feel them 

Stealing your soul

You can't give enough

To their inflated ego's



What is this burning need 

To rewrite history

To embrace these 

New niggardly days

To wipe out 

and forget the old ways



As I sit in my house and watch 

As the world 

Spins out of control

Just trying to keep 

The wolves at bay

Hoping tomorrow 

Won't end up being 

A welfare payday



Words By:  Jodeen Clantz



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Genre Rock Key E BPM 120.0

Collaboration started October 7, 2018 by phraser
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