No Trod the Road to Babylon (Reggae) Roots Reggae

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No Trod the Road to Babylon

The words are my outrage at George W Bush getting reelected based on 'shared faith', immediately starting a war based on lies, then driving the US and the world into a state of ruin. Greed in action. My intention was to say, "Before you decide to follow The Man around like a sheep, think about what he's got to gain and you've got to lose. Jah will always lead you the right way." 'The Man' being political leaders, business leaders, corrupt religious leaders, etc... 'Jah' being his literal self, plus one's own sense of morality not based on someone else's ego.

I apologize for my inappropriate use of Jamaican vernacular, but I do so only with the deepest respect. My lyrics are an unfinished example. Your lyrics do not have to use this or reflect the sentiment.

Politician sayin' anyting just to get a vote
But when he get elected tie a rope around I throat
He blindfold I&I and say that "God is in control!"
But Jah-Jah take them blindfolds off H.I.M. see we're on the road
(to) Babylon, no. No trod de road to Babylon, no.

Skank Em, Em, Dmaj, Bmin. Verses and choruses are all the same! Listen for verse chorus cue sounds below.

Intro 8 bars.
Verses 7 bars each.
Choruses 4 bars each.

Intro, V, C, V, C, V, Intro (solo place), C, C, out...

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Genre Roots Reggae Key E minor BPM 70.0 Politics morality uplifting

Collaboration started April 1, 2013 by Parametric
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