Project 172 Metal

Started by JarekA, © All Rights Reserved 2018




By Robert Ames
1yr+10mo ago

I would like to try and add keyboard/orchestra to this track.  I think the atmosphere would be kick ass with it.


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JarekA   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Go for it!


MajestycSymphony   commented 1yr+10mo ago

Awesome, thank you. It may take me some time but I will definitely work on something for it.


MajestycSymphony   commented 1yr+10mo ago

I know I'm not the best player in the world yet I feel that the added atmosphere really did it good. Hope someone could play it a bit better or even change it up a bit....just an idea that I threw out there and it was fun to play. Hope you enjoy it.

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JarekA   commented 1yr+9mo ago

Hey Robert. I've listened to your mix a few times now. Will put it in my DAW as well and see how it sounds there. The intro is good; the 'verse' (the second intro riff) I'd like to keep it drier, maybe without the keys at all. Then the chorus is good again. I definitely would leave the keys out of the guitar solo part. Let me play around with it.


MajestycSymphony   commented 1yr+9mo ago

Awesome, sounds good to me...if you need me to re-record it at all just let me know or if you want the MIDI track for I can get that for you too....might make adjusting it how you want a bit easier or you can choose the sound that you want for it as well.