Project 172 Metal

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Project 172 - demo gtr drums keys Uploaded 1yr+10mo ago by JarekA

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MajestycSymphony   commented 1yr+11mo ago

SOUNDS AWESOME!!!! Somewhere in there for some reason my keyboard playing got a bit off....not sure what happened....I hear it around sounds like it jumped awkwardly and then got slightly late....if you move the key track slightly earlier I'm sure everything might line up a bit better. It may have happened when I added the click to my recorded track and it could have slightly shifted.

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JarekA   commented 1yr+11mo ago

Could have happened when I imported the track to my DAW. Will look into it - it's not the final version yet.

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dwfreak   commented 1yr+11mo ago

Darn guitarists... always to the roof ;-) Hope you are good my friend. Here is my comment on you mix and great song by the way, real metal stuff. IMHO guitars are bit too loud and for this kind of structure drum and bass needs to cut like knifes cause this is the engine of the song. Lead guitar can over rule no sweat but verses and chorus needs to be driven by the rythme section. But hey this is my opinion bro, I am from the era of Judas Priest, Sabbath with Dio, and to make me sound bit younger than I am Whitesnake, Krokus, Quiet Riot, Twisted Sister, and the list goes on :-) Finally with keys this will be a killer my friend. Always great to collab with you sincerely. Cheers. Chris.

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JarekA   commented 1yr+11mo ago

Loud and clear Chris! I'll look into it over the weekend. Cheers!