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Lucky female AUDITION v1 0 Uploaded 5mo+13dy ago by KimNobleMusic

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KimNobleMusic   commented 5mo+13dy ago

Hi Mauro and Richard, First of all, my apologies to McPetey and John here. I didn't realize there was a whole history here!! I saw this in the activity feed this morning and just downloaded the track Richard uploaded and started working on it!! I'm very very bad about reading stuff first... bad habit!! Also, I'm a very bad mixer!! Hopefully, you can hear the ideas here and if you like them, maybe we can spin this?? If not, no worries at all!! T'was a super nice track to sing to!! cheers and thanks for listening!! :) lyrics: Lucky maybe tonight youre gonna get Lucky in love you'll know when it's right, and nothing else will matter for sure it's hard, to get Lucky by chance. make your mistakes dont be afraid to get Lucky if you refrain the fact remains someone else might get Lucky. what will you lose its just a bruise timing is part of the trial expectations are high and nothing else will matter. why don't we start to get Lucky in romance.

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KimNobleMusic   commented 5mo+13dy ago

PS, tried to leave some spots, room for other instruments to add. can easily fill in stuff if nothing comes around....


maurohm   commented 3 months ago

Hey Kim! I loved your version for this song! The bad news is that I lost all my songs because my hard drive is dead. But no problem I can record everything again!

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2mo+29dy ago

Hi John!!! Bummer, so sorry to hear that!! Been there before twice and it's soooo frustrating!! No problems at all, I have to dig out my recording of this to do some more passes and get it beefed up a bit anyway so feel free to take all the time you need, of course!! T'was great fun for me to revisit this one, so thanks for that!! Will check back in later and hope you're well!! :)


maurohm   commented 2mo+29dy ago

Hi Kim. I'm not John. I'm Mauro and I collaborated with this song a long time ago. You can hear my collaboration in the section "files" Regards Mauro

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KimNobleMusic   commented 2mo+28dy ago

hahaha, oh Mauro! I'm very sorry, forgive me!! My brain often times does not catch up with my fingers typing! Even as I typed John I KNEW it was Mauro so very sorry about that!! :) Soo,Mauro! Will work on this one more!! Obrigada!! :)