Tear Diamonds Metal

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Ratatoskr   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Interested in taking it a different route? Kind of like Eluveite, folk metal type?


MajestycSymphony   commented 1yr+4mo ago

That is actually really bad ass!!! I have trouble playing like that with my instruments but that is more the sound that I am looking for when it comes to music. I am very into symphonic metal and the opratic style of singing similar to Iron Maiden, Dio, Kamelot, Nightwish, etc.... I would love help with making music in this style and that heavy aspect is something I have a bit of trouble with. If you listen to a lot of my songs you can hear that I have the keyboard in a way that I like it a lot with very atmospheric tendencies to create a certain feel, but I do like the faster heavier sound that you have created. It would be an honor to work with you.


Ratatoskr   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Hey Robert, Thanks and that's very kind, the 'honor me'. I love working with kind people. Also, vocalists and lyricists because it's something that I've always sucked at haha I'm just recently getting into back-up singing in my current band. (Kosmus - check us out on Spotify!! ;) ) Anyway... I've worked on the song over the weekend and have come up with a solid 8 minutes of music. I've gotten very carried away with it and made it my own - obviously, I was the one writing it - so it may not at all be what you're looking for. Let me know if you'd prefer to structure the song differently, if you have melodies for individual song parts. That would massively help me write riffs, bass, drum patterns, and any miscellaneous orchestration. Looking forward to working this bad boi! Take care, brother. - Emi