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Creative Brief

A quirky (and tragic) love song.  


Madly in love with you

(Verse 1)


I remember how
You fell from a tree,
Do you remember
When you fell for me?

Two kids with scabby knees
Playing in the wood,
Reflected in each other's eyes
Transfixed where we stood.

My friends say that I'm insane
They say I've lost my brain,
But I'm still
Madly in love with you.




But the years have passed


(Verse 2)


Now I stand alone
by a station bench,
And the leaving of you
Is still a wrench.

You have moved on
But I can't yet,
I haven't reached that point
Haven't learnt to forget.

My friends say that I'm insane
They say I've lost my brain,
But I'm still
Madly in love with you.

(Verse 3)


Now I see the wind blow
As the train rushes in,
And the children scream
But it’s all in vain.

And the feathers fly up
Like an angel's shredded wings,
The metal beast is unhurt
I hear its dark heart sing.



My friends say that I'm insane
it’s true, I can’t contain


that I'm still
Madly in love with you.


And I admit that I lay with you
Though you were not aware,
I placed my hands upon the earth
And wished it was your hair.
And I thought of damsons falling from a tree
And that pretty damsel
That nearly fell on me.


And now those feathers flutter down
And it's so damn beautiful,
But the bird lies dead
And still I think only of you.

Written by Simon Wright


(June 2016)




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