Life goes on Alternative

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Life Goes On Synth Uploaded 5mo+22dy ago by JaredRC

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JaredRC   commented 5mo+22dy ago

At 88 BPM 4/4 with Sync tone. Good afternoon all, please let me know what you think of the included synths and thank you for providing this collaboration. Jared


Airone   commented 5mo+22dy ago

Hey , thanks for take part of this one . There are some good ideas , perhaps the end of the differents sound are cut a bit to "dry" , but it could be interresting to add it to the song . Thanks

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JaredRC   commented 5mo+20dy ago

I'm missing something with different sounds are cut a bit too dry, but if I may, shall I make OB-6 keys quieter for the verses and chorus, with no Moog lead? Then for the bridge (break) I could bring in Moog for lead. Or should I leave the recording as is?