Then I went home Country

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RealAl   commented 1yr+1mo ago

HELLO: I redid the drums with a new mic set-up, new heads, and tuning. This SONG is a WINNER! It has every element of captivation. The listener must listen, but can still passively enjoy. The mysteriousness of the lyric combined with the constancy of the rhythm moves forward, yet demands a re-listen, and again and again. "What are they saying? I don't understand... Oh I should, mustn't I? Hmmm I have to listen again!" I am glad to be part of this... COMMENTS...ENJOY

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RealAl   commented 1yr+1mo ago

You know, The Coen Brothers would love this.... Right in their bailiwick ...


JoDyAnnRe   commented 1yr+1mo ago


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bcstudios   commented 1 year ago

Hey Al.. I am sorry to say Mykk passed away yesterday...

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RealAl   commented 1 year ago

That is SO VERY SAD... That man was one of the most creative people, and he worked his ART. He will be seriously missed.