When The Fire Turned To Stone Classic Rock

Started by AviRosenfeld, © All Rights Reserved 2018



2020 06 02 WhenTheFireTurnedToStone Bass Uploaded 31 days ago by Outbush

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Outbush   commented 31 days ago

Hi Avi, (I don't know if this is a second message or not as I got dropped off the site as I tried to load the comment.) Sorry it has taken so long. Hope you like it, but once again any suggestions or ideas please let me know. Take care, Stefan.

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AviRosenfeld   commented 31 days ago

Thanks Stefan! I'll check it out.

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AviRosenfeld   commented 30 days ago

it has a strange sound in the verses? is it a some kind of delay effect? I don't think it fits. In the choruses the groove is cool. I don't hear that strange sound there. In the CPart (3:01) there you play those very fast notes or it is an effect again? I kinda feel it doesn't fit.