The Scam (Spin) Indie Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by TheOther

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Creative Brief

This is a spin on one of jubal's awesome tunes. Thanks for lettin' me run with it, Jeff.

Needs some more mixing, maybe some other ideas ... I'm open.

There is a mix with sync and no vocals for re-tracking the lead vocal.

(I'm not planning on sending out invites)

Is it Indie Rock ? Don't know, but I really like the vibe here.  :)




The Crew (featured track):


jubal: writer, vocal, guitar

alyo: drums

PilotProject: bass

TheOther: keys

kman: mixmagic




The Scam

The leaders who distract you, you're eating from their hand

they plugged into your ego, they're workin on a plan

turn the T.V. off, prepare to go online

keep a pot of coffee brewin, its gonna take some time



You're damned if ya don't, damned if ya do

you can stick with what don't work, or build something new

your children love and trust you, to tell them what is true

you have to look closer, than sound bites on the news


You might not be used to it, thinkin for yourself

your views have been provided, came from someone else

but soon you'll like the freshness, of thinkin for yourself

muscle memory currency, a brand new kind of wealth



You're damned if ya don't, damned if ya do

you can stick with what don't work, or build something new

the young ones that you love so, they're lookin right at you

ya can't hope to guide them, if ya can't see whats true



Oh...refuse to, be spoon fed

Oh...refuse to, be one of the led


Its all up to you, how much can ya take?

your instincts now are telling you, "you can no longer wait"

no need to find the key first, just crash through the gate

time is of the essence, its now or its too late



The scam that ya bought, stands in the light

lookin for a shadow, naked in your sight

still it tries to spin ya, hoping that you might

buy into the next lie, like might makes right



intro/verse...A7sus4   Am7   D5   Bm7   Am7   A7sus4   D5   Bm7...repeat

chorus...Am   B7   C6add9add14omit3   D...repeat

intro/verse...same chords as 1st verse

chorus...same chords as before

bridge...F6   Am   B7   D...repeat

intro/verse... same chords

chorus...same chords

fade...A7sus4   Am7...repeat to fade


Additional Information

Genre Indie Rock BPM 96.0

Collaboration started October 18, 2018 by TheOther
Last upload 1yr+5mo ago

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Copyright © 2018 by TheOther, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Oct 18, 2018

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Upload Metrics


TheOther Tom H
Detroit Michigan USA
PilotProject Michel Pilotte
Montreal Quebec Canada
alyo Alex Zulaika
Donostia Gipuzkoa Spain
jubal Jeff Cozine
Port Richey Florida USA
kman Andreas Thiele
Harburg Hamburg Germany
MrBeagleton Erin Burke
Los Angeles CA USA