Shining A Light Into Dark Places Prog-Rock/Art Rock

Started by rhythmicdevil, © All Rights Reserved 2018



Shining Uploaded 11 days ago by AndreaSpace

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sriracha   commented 11 days ago

\m/ excellent

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Scottyv   commented 11 days ago

You guys rock!

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rhythmicdevil   commented 10 days ago

Hey Andrea, I think this great. Nice job. I love the thing you did with the intro section, its a really nice departure from the typical metal drums for a part that sounds like that. Its fits nicely with the songs theme of deconstruction. Last night I was unsure how I felt about the section starting 3:48 -> 4:03. At first I thought the syncopation was a little too much. Today though I kind of like it and I think with Bill's lead over it, its going to sound pretty crazy. Overall I just really like the way you did this one, its better than what I imagined. Thanks.

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rhythmicdevil   commented 10 days ago

When you upload can you give me MIDI and audio please?

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AndreaSpace   commented 10 days ago

Ok, thank you!