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Boston will get back on its feet.

Boston, keep being the beautiful city that you are.

Bostonians keep being the wonderful people that you are.

The feelings that this song expresses is what I want to convey at this moment. Just listen to the feelings that spill out of this song, and imagine that, like me, you are working in Boston, away from your family and loved ones, and in a week when terror strikes and terrible things happened to innocent people who were out enjoying what should have simply been a beautiful day of fun and celebration. Imagine that you now feel stranded away from home, from your family, and your loved ones. Imagine that your family, seeing news reports of the events unfolding in Boston, are only eager to know that you are ok. These are the feelings being conveyed here.

Special thanks to Gustavo Lopez for creating the beautiful piano piece that sparked Joel Sattler to write these wonderful lyrics. Special thanks to Wayne Petersen for creating a nice mix to add vocals to. Thanks also to George for his bass which we have in the mix (and who I'm hoping is OK that we used his bass and will decide to join the project). Special thanks to Ryan Lucas whose vocal range is so wide, and whose low register is nice and powerful and so good. Thanks to all who have contributed something: Pascal, Carlos & Ray Brown.

I invite anyone who feels inspired to contribute anything and everything they wish to contribute. Feel free to think and go ?outside the box?. You can redo this song as an acoustic version, replay it with other instruments, add additional instrumentation, redo the vocals, tweak the lyrics, anything you feel like. The original project is a project by Gustavo Lopez called Your voice. Unlike many of the new projects on Kompoz, Gustavo used license ?Creative Commons Attribution? for this project, so you can make the best of this license and get creative?

Check out the lyrics. Joel did a great job in adapting the original "Your voice" lyrics for this project.

Bostonians will persevere !

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