Gunslinger Rock

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Gunslinger 9/18/19 remix Uploaded 11mo+19dy ago by CryUncle

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CryUncle   commented 1yr+2mo ago

Yet another remix. Fixed some issues: 1) Adjusted some eq's on Matt's bass line, hopefully enough to bring it out enough that folks can hear what a great line it is. I don't know that I've really appreciated how good it is myself until hearing it now. 2) Brought some drum levels up, trying to get them out of the mud. It's only clips pasted together, but, what the hell, they still might as well sound as decent as possible. ALSO- got rid of some of those damn annoying cymbal crashes. Nobody's ever said anything, but I noticed I was beginning to wince involuntarily every time I heard one, and realized how much wincing I was doing, so...took a bunch out, just left in what seemed necessary for emphasis. Could probably still stand to lose a few more, but this is better. 3) Goosed Dominik's lady a bit- the voice synth beginning around 2:18, I mean. 4) Odds and ends- brought up the clean guitar a tad, adjusted eq on the leads, etc. Nothing major... Again, thanks to all. And I just realized that I've never uploaded seps for my guitar tracks (there are four, IIRC). I'll get those done and up before too much longer, along with a sep for the drum track (such as it is), in case anyone wants to do their own mix. Faron